Objectives and Operational Policies

The objectives and operational policies of APS Consulting Engineers revolve around conducting studies (feasibility, basic engineering, detailed engineering) and providing engineering services (project management, supervision, and workshop consultations) qualitatively and in accordance with contractual timelines. These activities primarily focus on port, industrial, and specifically, oil and gas projects.

The company’s visionary goals for the future involve active participation in projects, both in the form of Engineering, Procurement (EP) and strategically in the form of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC). These efforts are aimed at a more effective presence in realizing the country’s developmental objectives, competing with Iranian and international companies.

In line with the global quality system transformation, APS Consulting Engineers announces the following quality service policies in order to satisfy its customers (clients). The company requests cooperation from its colleagues for their assistance in achieving these policies to the fullest extent possible:

  • Compliance with national and international standards, as well as utilizing cutting-edge technologies, relying on quality, are deemed as the minimum acceptable standards for engineering studies. This approach aims to elevate the quality of engineering studies and secure a larger share of both domestic and global markets due to the enhanced quality of the company’s engineering studies.
  • Continuous improvement of employees’ awareness, knowledge, and experience through the expansion of a knowledge-centric system and the dissemination of expertise and training from upper management to lower levels in a systematic and consistent manner.
  • Precision planning to ensure the execution of projects in accordance with the agreed-upon timelines specified in the contracts.
  • Clear articulation of measurable quality objectives and their monitoring by department managers to continuously improve the quality management system in line with the specified timelines in the contract.
  • Creating motivation among employees to enhance productivity and ensure continuous improvement in the quality of engineering studies and services, through encouragement and, if necessary, disciplinary actions.
  • Utilizing a feedback system from clients to identify their opinions further and applying this feedback to enhance the company’s objectives to the maximum extent possible.

The company’s quality management complies with ISO9001 standards. In 2008, under the supervision of the aforementioned department manager, the responsibility for ensuring adherence to principles and policies was assigned. The methods of achieving these objectives were discussed and measured during audits and review meetings conducted under supervision, follow-up, and evaluation.

The CEO, with the support and collaboration of the board of directors and all esteemed colleagues, will guide the necessary actions to achieve the above objectives and strategies.

With the hope for divine success.
Dr. Naser Fallahi
Chairman of the Board and CEO
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