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Awdge Pazhoohesh Sanaat Consulting Engineers (APS), a fully private sector leading multi-disciplinary engineering firm of Iran, registered in Tehran–Iran, is active in in the development projects, inside and outside of Iran.
The management team, formed from professional engineers, each with at least over 25 years of diversified experience in lecturing at the universities, projects development as well as rehabilitation of various war damaged projects, now has enough experience to develop the Mega- Projects in ports, Marine Industries, Offshore and Onshore Structures, Gas and Oil Industry and Technologies.
The group of highly educated employees of APS, were the pioneers in establishment of various courses in the universities, in ship design and construction, offshore and near shore from the conceptual design up to delivery and exploitation phase.
Today the activities of APS are backed up by a staff of about 100 specialists, permanently employed in the main office of Tehran and other collaborators joining the full time staff, mainly from ex-colleagues of the universities, is performed in an excellent quality.
The capabilities, potentials, previous experiences, projects in hand and strategic planning of APS is accessible in the company website at www.aps.ir .



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